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My Favorite Dev Podcasts

Technology changes fast, so it is important for me as a developer to keep up with trends. As my home life has gotten busier thanks to my wonderful 1 year old daughter,  I have less time outside of work hours to learn about new technology. So I need to make the most of my time. As I commute about an hour a day (much of it underground on the PATH train from New Jersey to New York), I’ve found that listening to podcasts to be a great way to make use of my travel time. I thought I’d share a list of my favorite podcasts that I listen to.

.NET Rocks!

.Net Rocks is a long running (over 12 years!) podcast hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell and still my favorite. They publish 3 episodes a week on mostly Microsoft/.NET topics although they will often discuss related technologies such as AngularJS. Recent guests have included Phil Haack, Rob Eisenberg, Scott Hunter, and Troy Hunt. They also have occasional “geek out” episodes where they talk about a non-developer topic including a recent series on nuclear fusion.


Hanselminutes is Scott Hanselman’s weekly podcast billed as “Fresh Air for Developers.” In each episode he interviews someone on a topic related to software development. Recent topics have included All About CSS Transitions, Choosing a JavaScript Framework, and Designing for Performance. It is also fun to listen to the ongoing series of episodes called “Hanselminutiae with Richard Campbell” in which he talks with Richard Campbell of .Net Rocks.

Adventures in Angular

Adventures in Angular is a relatively new podcast dedicated to discussing AngularJS. It is hosted by several developers included John Papa. Recent guests have included Scott Hanselman and Rob Eisenberg (creator of the Durandal JavaScript framework and know working with Google on AngularJS 2.0).

Yet Another Podcast

Yet Another Podcast is hosted by Jesse Liberty (a consultant with Falafel Software and a Pluralsight author). His podcast is “Intelligent Technical Conversation” about topics like AngularJS, ASP.NET and Xamarin mobile app development. Recent guests have included Scott Hunter, Jon Galloway and Phil Haack.

Drupalize.Me Podcast

The Drupalize.Me podcast from the Drupalize.Me Team at Lullabot is a great way to keep up with trends in Drupal. While I tend to focus on .NET and JavaScript technologies (and prefer the Umbraco CMS), I manage a lot of Drupal projects, so this is a good way for me to learn what’s new in the world of Drupal.

Other (non-Tech) Podcasts

Sometimes I need a break from thinking about technology! So in addition to the above tech podcasts, I also like to listen to a couple non-techie podcasts (which both happen to be public radio shows produced by WNYC):


On their weekly Freakonomics radio show/podcast, economist Steven Levitt and Journalist Stephen Dubner, author of the popular ‘Freakonomics’ books, discuss practically any topic from an ‘economist’ point of view.

On the Media

On the Media is a weekly NPR radio show and podcast hosted by Bob Garfield and Brook Gladstone that covers all sorts of media and journalism issues. Topics include media ethics, critiques of news coverage of recent events, first amendment issues and public policy issues such as net neutrality.

Do you have a favorite podcast? I’d love to hear what other developers are listening to. Please leave a comment!