Alex Lindgren in Technology 2 minute read

This blog now uses Articulate for Umbraco

I have updated this site to use the Articulate blogging package for Umbraco 7. My old site was just using Umbraco with a simple Document Type for creating blog posts. I had the intention of building my own blog platform for Umbraco -- but that was before Articulate was released. Articulate was created by Umbraco HQ member Shannon Deminick (blog, twitter). While Articulate is not a fully featured blog platform such as WordPress, it provides basic blog functionality such as categories, tags and RSS feeds.

The new site isĀ hostedĀ using Azure Websites. Previously, I was hosting my site on an Azure VM. The main advantage of hosting on Azure Websites is that they provide automatic OS update management but I am also trying out their automatic Git deployment setup. See Azure Web Sites, Cloud Services and Virtual Machines comparison for details comparing the Azure cloud offerings for the web.